Hardware :

My Personal Computer:
- Case: Antec Twelve Hundred
- Cpu: Intel Core i7
- Heatsink: Active Cooling Freezer
  Xtreme, 12 cm Enermax silent fan
- Mainboard: Asus H87-Pro
- Ram: 2x4 Gb Kingston DDR3
  Dual Channel (8 Gb tot.)
- Video: Sapphire ATI Radeon 7770,
  1 Gb GDDR5
- Power Supply: Corsair 620HX
- Hard-Disk 1: 120 Gb SSD
- Hard-Disk 2: 1 Tb WD Caviar Black
- Fans: 2 x Enermax Silence, 12cm
- Monitors: 2 x Samsung P2450H
  24'' Wide LCD Full HD
- O.S.: Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
- Keyboard Logitech G19
- Mouse Logitech RX250
- Router: Netgear DGN3500
- NAS: Qnap Ts-219P Turbo
  ( 2 x 2 WD Red, Raid 1)
Audio / Video:
- TV: Samsung LCD 46'' LE46B650
- Receiver: Yamaya 673
- Sources:
  Network e Blu-Ray Player LG BD-390
  Dig. SAT e PVR: MySky HD (Samsung)
  Media Player Netgear Neo TV550
- Speaker:
  2 x Indiana Line Arbour 5.40
  2 x Indiana Line Arbour 5.20
  1 x Indiana Line Arbour Center
  1 x Indiana Line Arbour Sub
- Cables: meters of G&BL
- Headphone / Headset :
  Sennheiser HD595
  Sennheiser PC131
- Apple Iphone 5, 32 Gb
- Asus Ultrabook S56CB Core i5

More hobbies

As I've already wrote my main hobbies are photography and traveling. Computer science and technology play a vital key, however, from work to leisure time and are "indirectly" related to all my hobbies:

Un'immagine del mio personaggio sui verdi prati di Rivendell (Lord of the Rings Online)
From the 'far' year 2000 (12 years are a very long time in computer science) you can find me on line, immersed in various role-playing games. The role-playing game (already known as 'mmorpg', multi media online role play game) is a break in life where you can immerse yourself in space and time light years away from us. Is a unique and extraordinary experience that i suggest everyone to try at least once in their life.and i suggest way to live and play it should be tried by everyone at least once.
Moreover, thanks to online role-playing games, I met a group of friends really unique, and whose relationship went far beyond the early play. Conversely, if you venture into games likethese 'your social life will be' seriously compromised ... Then do not say I did not warn you ... ;)
Despite my preferred setting is science fiction many funny RPGs i've played are Fantasy.
This is a quick list of all the MMOs I've played in a 'serious way' (more than 3 months):

Year(s): Game: Guild: Server:
Clessidra Mud
Unicorni Alati
Main server
Dark age of Camelot
Angeli Custodi
Reame di Hibernia
Star Wars Galaxies
Moonlight Shadow
Everquest 2
Moonlight Shadow
Darathar (Pvp Eu)
Moonlight Shadow
and Ordine di Targonor
Pve Europeo
Lord of the Rings Online
Moonlight Shadow
Eve Online
Legio Nova Invicta
Server unico
Age of Conan
Moonlight Shadow
Wildsoul (Pvp Eu)
Star Trek Online
Nova Squadron
Server unico
Everquest 2
Nagafen (Pvp Usa)
Lord of the Rings Online
Rebirth of Middle Earth
Everquest 2
Custodi della luce
Infinity Circle UK
Splitpaw (Pve Eu)
2011-2012 Star Wars The Old Republic Exordium Nightmare Lands
2012 Guild Wars 2 MLS / Ntek Ring of Fire
2012-2014 Everquest 2 Adventuring Slackers
The BlackHand
Splitpaw (Pve Eu)

The vast majority of people stopped at least once to admire a beautiful starry sky and wondering about what's happen up there. Someone, however, went much further and made ‚Äč‚Äčastronomical observation a real passion. Unfortunately due to time constraints I have not managed to seriously approach this hobby, but a top position in the "things that I'll do when i'll grow up". Besides, my current hobby would be very useful. In fact astronomy goes well with the picture (for astrophotography) and technology (with all the latest 'between lcd screens, GPS positioning, etc..).

The sport is very important to me. Since I was little I have done swimming, tennis, football and, above all, volleyball, that is the one in which I obtained the best results and I'm having the best memories.
I started playing at age 7 years and I stopped doing it in 2002. My best result are the third place at the 1992 junior national squad and two consecutive selection in the "Top Players" 'C' Series in 1993 and 1994.
After some years of inactivity I started to play soccer, tennis and beach volleyball, with the aim to have fun and lose some extra pounds accumulated. Recently I started a little 'more' serious play tennis. Seen (at least according to what 'says the coach) the good initial results in the coming months I will start' to participate in some tournaments. Who knows' .. maybe someday I'll be able 'to post some pictures of some of my victory ... but the first important thing is that i really enjoy this sport.

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