I've got the passion for photography since I was a kid, probably inherited from my father. Already in school trips from elementary I was one of the few with a camera at his neck and in 1998, as soon as i had Internet connection at home, one of the first things I did was the subscribtions to Webshots, the photographs website.
It seems past geological era and makes me feel quite old but I was incredulous and fascinated to see on my monitor photographs taken a few hours before thousands of miles away.
In the era of Facebook and real time sharing makes me laugh (and certainly those who are born with a broadband Internet will find it strange) but at that time the speed connection was about 14.4Kbps and for a single photo it took several minutes and is quite a different experience from the 'here and now' as they now have to do (just think that now from home i connect to the web at 16 Mbps, almost 1200 times more 'fast!).
Until 2009 the passion for photography just watching other people and take great pictures with the compact camera (first with the films and then with digital) during holidays and bank holidays.
Only in 2010, in preparation for an upcoming safari in Africa and led by two 'Nikonist' friends I decided to try buying my first DSLR, a Nikon D3000 with 18-105 lens.
But it was just the beginning because in 2 years I've changed the D3000 with a D7000 and, few months ago, i've bought my first professional DSLR, a Nikon D300s.
Even the lens I have changed and I think I'll change again, always trying to improve the quality of equipment and, hopefully, continue to improve the quality of the photos.
All photographs that i publish are may be used freely for private use. For professional use instead they are covered by copyright and can not be used without my explicit consent. I invite you therefore to contact me for information on the license. If I will be of mutual interest i'll be glad to grant you the use for free.

My photos :

Currently there are nearly 1.500 photos online. In these 'collections' (the same as those found in home page) you got my "best of". These are my favourite pictures and the one who has received more visits, awards and comment on Flickr:
Clicca qui per vedere la foto gallery delle mie migliori foto della categoria 'Animali'
  Clicca qui per vedere la foto gallery delle mie migliori foto della categoria 'Paesaggi e Natura'

The following are instead collections of my photos, divided into categories:



TRAVELS (PRE-REFLEX, 2000 - 2009)

Finally, as in the home page, a link to all my photos online, but without division into categories and divided by set, according to the publications :

Awards and Publications :

Oasis Photo Contest 2011 - 2 photos admitted in the 'final' phase.
Flickriver: Scotland places - 1 photo published on line and in the print edition
Nikon D7000 DSLR Camera Consumer Guides & Reviews - photo included in the 21 Breathtaking & Beautiful Photos & Images Taken With Nikon D7000
Galleria Repetto, Acqui Terme - photos used on website and for exhibitions
Il Germoglio Verde, Asti - photo used on line and for product catalogue

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