Favourites :

My favourite books:
- The Pillars of the Earth (K. Follett)
- The Stand (S. King)
- El origen perdido (M. Asensi)
- Timeline (M. Crichton)
- Dune (F. Herbert)
- Inganno globale (M. Mazzucco)

My favourite writers:
Matilde Asensi, Dan Brown, Licia Troisi

My favourite movies:
- Hackers (1995)
- Blade Runner (1982)
- The Crow (1994)
- The Lion King (1994)
- Matrix (1999)
- Total Recall (1990)
- Jurassic Park (1993)

My 'actual' tv series:
- Game of Thrones
- Bones
- Mentalist
- Fringe
- N.C.I.S.
- Dexter

My 'old' favourite tv-series:
- Star Trek : Voyager
- The X-Files

About me: who I am and what I do

I was born in Acqui Terme (Piemont, Italy) in 1975.
Passionate about computers since the Commodore Vic20 (of which I was a lucky owner), I followed the entire Commodore evolution (C64, C128 and then Amiga) and i've bought my first PC in 1992 (an Intel 486 with 8 Megabytes of RAM was a high-end Pc).
I've got diploma in Electronics in 1993 and I've attended the university (computer science) for 3 years and I left to found a society' (Proxima Informatica, now renamed Proxima Computers) where i'm still working full time.
I have been married since 2002 with Mirna Nicodemo which, fortunately, I have the opportunity 'to share my passions .. in particular travel, photography, computers, books and movies.

Io e Mirna in Sudafrica, autoscatto all'alba.

For work I deal with sales and service computers, networks but also courses to individuals and companies, management, programming and indexing of websites (in short, webmasters and SEO).
You can find the websites I created here: www.proximagallery.net
My shop can be found instead at this address: www.proximacomputers.it

I play sports at a competitive level since I was little. Swimming, tennis, football and, above all, volleyball, where I obtained the best results and I'm having the best memories.
I started playing it at age 7 and I stopped doing it competitive in 2002. My best results are the third place at the 1992 junior national squad and two consecutive selection in the "Top Players" Series C1 in 1993 and 1994.

Dedications: This site, like my old site, is dedicated to the memory of Luca Petterini, a dear friend that too soon has left us.

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